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"I believe that every individual has an innate capability for happiness and with self-awareness and few skills can reach that potential. A self-aware person values self, accepts responsibility and constantly unlearns & relearns to manage problems in life. I feel counselling is an aid in this transformation and would like to do my best in this process."

Jinashree is the first certified Gottman Couple Therapist (Gottman Institute, Seattle) in India. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner (NLP Coaching Academy, American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming & International Association of Professional Coaches, counsellors and Therapists) and NLP Trainer (NLP Coaching Academy & International Association of Professional Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists). She is certified in Science of Happiness (Edx, University of Berkeley) and Positive Psychology (Edx, University of North Carolina). She is a certified Stress Management professional (International Council of Stress Management Professionals, Sydney & International Stress Management Association), certified counsellor (Banjara Academy, Bangalore), certified Handwriting Analyst(Handwriting Analysts International) and Wellness Coach. She is trained in Client Centred Therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) skills, Hypnosis and Transactional Analysis (Year-1) and believes in an eclectic approach based on the client needs. Jinashree is part of Smiles N More Counselling center.

Jinashree has an MA in Psychology from IGNOU, MBA from SJSU (San Jose State University), M.S from IIITB (International Institute of Information Technology) and B.E in Computer Science from Bangalore University. She is pursuing a PhD is psychology (Christ University). She has worked as a software engineer and technical lead for 17 years in companies like Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard and Wipro. She is the co-founder and Director of Techseed Systems. She is a writer and is fascinated by Vedic astrology and has a certification in same.