Couples Workshop @ Smiles N More Clinic, Bangalore

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workshop @ Bangalore

Certified NLP Practitioner

A six-day open-program to learn NLP skills and techniques that will be applicable in a wide variety of contexts.
  • Convert your challenges into opportunities
  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Work more efficiently
  • Conduct impactful presentations
  • Lead groups effectively
  • Structure your language to communicate better
  • Understand how people learn
  • Transform yourself
  • Learn at conscious and unconscious levels
  • Experience to turn any fear into confidence
  • Bring in excitement and energy
  • Contribute to your success
Participation Benefits:
  • 30+ NLP techniques with immediate results
  • IAPCCT and NLPCA certifications
  • Free Lifetime repeat
  • 50% off on NLP Master Practitioner program by Vikram Dhar
NLP Concepts/Techniques covered:
  1. NLP Frames
  2. NLP Pre-suppositions
  3. NLP Communication Model (Deletion, Distortion and Generalisation)
  4. Meta Programs
  5. Sensory Acuity and Calibration
  6. Modalities and Sub-modalities
  7. Rapport Building
  8. State Elicitation
  9. Anchoring
  10. Stacking Anchors
  11. Collapsing Anchors
  12. Well Defined Outcomes
  13. Pain and Pleasure
  14. Wheel of Life
  15. Ardell's Model for Wellness Coaching
  16. TFAR Coaching Model
  17. Time Line Coaching
  18. New Behaviour Generation
  19. Circle of Excellence
  20. Walt Disney Strategy
  21. Reframing
  22. Coaching using Values
  23. Perceptual Positions
  24. Visual Swish
  25. Parts Integration or Visual Squash
  26. Coaching using Stories
  27. Meta Model
  28. Creating empowering Beliefs
  29. Changing limiting Beliefs
  30. Neurological Levels
  31. Fast Phobia Cure
  32. Releasing negative emotions
  33. Getting rid of Anxiety
  34. Creating a better Future
Price: INR 18000 Course Fee
             INR 5000 Certifications Fee
  1. Diploma in NLP
  2. Advanced Diploma in NLP Coaching
  3. Certified NLP Practitioner
All certifications are
       * IAPCCT (International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists) approved
       * NLPCA (NLP Coaching Academy) approved
Course Endorsed by Vikram Dhar, NLPCA (Award Winning International Master Trainer and Licensed NLP Coach)

Rejuvenate Your Relationship

A one-day interactive workshop on “Rejuvenate your Relationship” for individuals, couples and prospective couples to strengthen their relationship by
  • Realigning the self to support each other
  • Allowing the other person to feel totally in love with you
  • Understand each others value
  • Getting a deeper understanding of each others personality
  • Removing any restricting beliefs
  • Working with each other to resolve any conflict
  • Eliminating communication barriers, Learning how to give each other feedback
  • Clearing of all the major negative emotions attached to the relationship
  • Learning each other’s ways of being attracted
  • Finding out what is important to both in your relationship
  • Setting realistic and achievable goals
Concepts/Techniques covered:
1. Self-Awareness (You cannot change others, you can only change yourself)
  • Insight Level
  • The Three Voices

2. Values/Beliefs (The more of you that you bring to a relationship, the more satisfying relationship gets)

  • Masks
  • Escalation along Neurological Levels

3. Communication (You cannot not communicate)

  • Sensory Awareness
  • Delete, Distort and Generalise

4. Emotional Warmth (It is not about who is right and who is wrong but what is the right thing to do)

  • Verbalising Nouns
  • Perceptions

5. Triangles (It is always 50-50 responsibility in a relationship)

  • Murray Bowen's Triangles
  • Drama and Winner's Triangles
Price: INR 3000 Course Fee
Includes Course material, refreshments and lunch
   "Had a great time yesterday. Jina's workshop was a right mix of formal workshop and a friends's get together. We  got new insights into our relationships....tried to find clarity of our emotions.....did introspection....learnt techniques to cope. It was an enriching experience. There was also fun and laughter....tasty food...Nice.... Thumbs up for jina 👍🏽"
- Swati Hareesha, Lecturer & Student Counsellor
  "The learning and take aways were huge for me .. am grateful to all of u for this insightful experience 😘👋🏼 Ty Jina.... way to go 👍🏼👏🏼"
-Ruchi Bhuwalka, Counsellor & Entrepreneur
  "I had a very full filling day by all means. Great workshop. Lot of learning, need some time for internalizing it."
-Mili Manas, Counsellor - Indian Cancer Society
  "Content, presentation and moderation were awesome."
  "Your workshop on Relationship was awesome👍😊 Congratulations for a job well done!  💐 "
-Vani Ragu Rao, Counsellor